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About Us

The DIVE 365 initiative features 365 unique dive sites around all three Cayman Islands. Since launching in 2008 the Dive 365 initiative has highlighted the Cayman Islands' dedication to divers by providing them with ample opportunities for scuba adventures while preserving the precious marine environment. The initiative has aimed to alleviate the environmental impact of recreational diving at more popular sites by opening up the lesser-known areas for safe public use. Adding  a total of 68 new dive sites around all three islands.

The 365 sites offer dives for all skill levels, and interests. There are shallow reefs, wall dives, swim through, and wrecks. Additionally there are secret spots from some of Cayman’s top dive masters.

The initiative has added several high-profile dive destinations over the years, including the Kittiwake, a former US Navy Submarine Rescue Vessel purposely sunk off the shores of Seven Mile Beach to make an artificial reef. Other dive attractions include the wreck of the Russian-built Cuban Naval Frigate 330 ft. M/V Captain Keith Tibbetts off the coast of Cayman Brac, and Little Cayman's legendary Bloody Bay Wall, a plunging coral wall with a sheer drop of more than 6,000 feet. Dive 365 opened its final mooring in November 2012; since then enthusiastic divers have been indulged by Cayman’s pristine crystal blue waters and spectacular underwater landscape offering a new experience for each day of the year.

“The Cayman Islands’ 365 dive sites are sure to leave even the most seasoned divers awestruck,” said Keith Sahm CITA Watersport Director and General Manager of Sunset House. Mr. Sahm continues, “The water is deliciously warm, approximately 80oF/26oC, and the diving is easy. With no rivers or run off depositing sediment into the crystal clear water the islands are said to be amongst the least polluted in the world, allowing for visibility of over 100 feet.”

“As one of the leading dive destinations, the Cayman Islands Dive365 programme enables the Department of Tourism to promote the vibrant marine ecosystem while also encouraging residents and visitors to experience the sport of diving.  The diversity of dive sites available on all three islands creates unique experiences for advanced divers as well as those new to the sport, making the Cayman Islands the best destination for all skill levels to explore our underwater world.” said Mrs Rosa Harris, Director, of the Cayman Islands Department of Tourism.

Tiffany Dixon-Ebanks, Executive Director of CITA, says “The Cayman Islands Tourism Association (CITA) continues to promote the beauty of the Cayman Islands, both on land and in the sea. On behalf of our Watersports Members, we are proud of the many wonderful offerings which these Operators will bring to life for patrons to experience the amazing under-water life.  With such an array of dive opportunities across all three islands there is bound to be something out there for each person to enjoy.  Our Members strive for excellence in providing PADI-certifications, and encourage safety practices while appreciating the marine environment.  We encourage persons to peruse this website and check out the different dive sites, including CITA’s own well-maintained and unique Kittiwake Attraction.”


Environmental Health and Human Safety

Maintaining environmental health, and promoting human safety are priorities for Dive 365. Keith Sahm explains “Because diving is such a major part of the tourism industry, diving in the Cayman Islands has become highly organized and very professionally run. The diving industry, together with the government, formed the Cayman Islands Watersports Operators Association (presently called the Watersports Sector of the Cayman Islands Tourism Association CITA), which sets the highest standards in diving safety, boat operation and diving guides. The creation of permanent mooring sites and continuing environmental education all help to preserve the health and delicate ecology of the reefs and their associated marine life.”

The CITA Watersports members subscribe to and comply with safety rules and regulations designed to keep the diving safe and to protect marine environment. The organization has also influenced local government to enforce marine conservation laws, install moorings buoys and initiate other policies for sustainable tourism. CITA members comply with a recommended 100 feet (30 meters) for recreational scuba customers. The required maximum depth with recreational scuba customers is 130feet/39meters and 100feet/30 meters for repetitive dives the same day. Additionally the Cayman Islands have a strict no touching policy (hands and fins) for all marine life. Diving with gloves is banned; if you are in need of gloves to go up and down the anchor line, you will be asked to remove your gloves once at the bottom, to help protect coral growth and fish health.


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