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Cayman Island Tourism Association P.O. Box 31086 1320 West Bay Road Grand Cayman KY1-1205 Cayman Island

Entry Fee

The Kittiwake ship wreck is a private park and attraction that is managed by the Cayman Islands Tourism Association.

 All visitors to the Kittiwake ship wreck are required to pay an entry fee. The funds collected from the entry fee are used to maintenan the ship wreck, and for safety equipment and management of the attraction. A portion of the fee is also paid to an environmental contingency fund. 

Once you have payed your entry fee scuba divers will be issued a tag to attach to their BCD or regulator, and snorkellers will be issued a wristband as proof of entry. Individuals who visit the attraction without paying the fee or are not wearing the medallion/wristband will be reported as trespassing to the Cayman Islands Authorities. Those who want to visit the Kittiwake are asked to only use licenced operators. For a list of licenced operators click here. We ask that if you see a non-licenced vessel/individual at the Kittiwake you report it to the Cayman Islands Tourism Association (CITA):  (345) 949 8522 or 

Scuba Divers: US$10.00 / CI$8.00 per day

Snorkellers: US$5.00 / CI$4.00 per day

Annual Pass: US$31.25 / CI$25 per year (pro-rated)

Lifetime Pass: US$250 / CI$200

Medallions are not transferable. Exchange rate @ CI$0.80 = US$1.00


(One time Dive Medallion for divers)


(One time Wrist Band for Snorkelers) 

(Annual Dive Medallion)


Where can you purchase Kittiwake Entry Medallions and Wristbands?

Commercial and Private Licence holders can purchase diver medallions and snorkel wristbands from the Cayman Islands Tourism Association (CITA).

Address: 1320 West Bay Road, Grand Cayman (located across from The Great House Condos and just north of Governors Square)

Opening Hours: Monday - Friday 9.00am - 4.00pm

 Phone:+1 (345) 949-8522


Medallions will be available from licenced operators when booked on their trips. Most operators include the cost of the medallion in the price of the trip, but please verify with your preferred operator.


Licenced Vessels:

All vessels  (commercial or private) visiting the Kittiwake are required to be licenced by the Cayman Islands Tourism Association (CITA), and to display the licence decal on both sides of their vessel. To become a licenced vessel you may apply at CITA, agree to all safety standards, operation policies and commercial vessels to provide proof of appropriate insurance.

(Example of a Kittiwake license decal that is to be displayed on the vessel)

Important notes for Liscenced Vessels

1.      Insurance for commercial vessels must have CITA and Cayman Islands Government listed as covered entities, with underwater liability insurance US $1million per dive incident and US $2million per snorkel incident.

2.      All boats at the Kittiwake dive site must be licenced and have the current year entry decal affixed in plain sight. All persons at the site must have either a wristband (snorkellers), or a medallion (pink is good for one visit, the 2016-17 annual pass is grey with red writing).

3.      Additional wristbands and/or medallions can be purchased by licence holders at the CITA office at 1320 West Bay Road.

4.      There is a maximum of 300 passengers at the Kittiwake site at any one time.

5.      Under direct supervision Open Water divers are allowed to dive decks 1-3 of the Kittiwake and Advanced Open Water divers are allowed on all decks in areas where there is direct surface access.

6.      Divers with Wreck Diver Specialty certification may dive the wreck with a buddy after a supervised orientation dive.

7.      Only one (1) boat per mooring is allowed.

8.      Maximum time on a mooring is 1.5 hours (vessels doing multiple dives the same day are reminded of this time limit and are required to leave the mooring for their surface interval between dives).

9.     Commercial Operators Are asked to report their visits to the Kittiwake Shipwreck on the CITA Dive Site Logging Form. 

10.  Private licenced boat operators are allowed at the site only after 2pm


Vessel Licencing Paperwork and Fees:

Return all signed vessel applications to the CITA office on West Bay Road, Grand Cayman.


Commercial Vessels:

Commercial Vessel Fee: CI$150 per year for first vessel, CI$75 per year for additional vessels from same company.

Price includes: Vessel decals, dive slates, 3 x annual medallions.

Kittiwake Commercial Licence Renewal (EXISTING LICENSE HOLDERS)



Private Vessels:

Private  Vessel Fee: CI$50 per year (pro-rated).

  Price includes: Vessel decals, dive slates, 2 x annual medallions.  

 ‚ÄčPrivate vessels only permitted to visit after 2pm.

Kittiwake Private Licence Agreement (NEW APPLICANTS)

Kittiwake Private Licence Renewal (EXISTING LICENSE HOLDERS)
   Please note: Private licence renewals do not include dive slates





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