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Cayman Island Tourism Association P.O. Box 31086 1320 West Bay Road Grand Cayman KY1-1205 Cayman Island
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  • Kittiwake Cayman Islands
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  • Kittiwake in Marine Park
The Kittiwake is a pristine wreck dive, situated in a marine park that is protected under law in Cayman.

There is no touching or taking of anything, no gloves and no fishing allowed on the wreck/Kittiwake site. It requires an entrance fee to visit from a licensed operator, with the fees going towards the ongoing maintenance and protection of the wreck, and other natural reefs. An exception to taking fish is made for culling lionfish, an invasive species to Cayman waters.

 In celebration of the 5th Anniversary of the Sinking and Underwater Museum has been installed on the Kittiwake for all visitors to enjoy!
This unique display will only be available for a limited time so organize your trip to the Kittiwake today.

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